BRAVE allows families
to have meaningful conversations.

Life is busy. Work, school, sports, activities, and obligations command our attention, leaving precious little time for sitting down and teaching our kids about morals, values, and God's Word.

The world, however, never takes a break. It's constantly influencing our kids in countless ways. BRAVE helps parents check in with their kids and counteract negative messaging in a fun, engaging way.

To Play:


Take 5 (or more) Question Cards and shuffle them into the Standard Deck.



Now, play any card game: Go Fish, Snap, Rummy, Spoons, or our personal favorite (Spiritual) War



Whenever a Question Card comes up, stop play until all players answer the question, and then continue the game.

The bottom of each Question Card contains a Bible quote that can be used to guide the discussion.

Everyone Can Be BRAVE

The cards are suited for anyone ages 2 to 102.
Play with as many as or few people as you like.


BRAVE Is For Everyone

Rather than traditional court cards, the game's customized artwork features diverse characters (including female warriors!) since we are ALL royal children of the King.


. . . and get closer
to each other
and closer to God.


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